TinyTIM Merchandise

So you're saying to yourself "Oh, god, another site with stuff they want me to buy." But at THIS site, my friends, things are different, because these are TINYTIM items, the likes of which the world has NEVER SEEN BEFORE! Now, granted, they've seen the STUFF before, but none of it said "TinyTIM" on it. UNTIL NOW!

At this site, you can find out what items are for sale, what items HAVE been for sale, and what items we're thinking of selling in the future. There's even cheap ways for YOU to market TinyTIM FOR US, so you can feel as dirty and oily with the fickle finger of Capitalism along with the wizards. IT'S LIKE YOU'RE A WIZARD YOURSELF, except of course, you're not. Hey, that wallet looks a bit heavy.

The TinyTIM T-shirt

TinyTIM is proud to announce the newest TinyTIM T-shirt, available for the first time in FULL COLOR! Now, yes, we did have a color shirt before, but it wasn't done with the same REALLY EXPENSIVE process we used for THIS one, which is supposed to ensure a longer-lasting shirt with VIBRANT COLORS for A LONG TIME TO COME! Unless, of course, you're the kind of person who uses clorox and ammonia to get the dirt out.

Right now, the TinyTIM T-shirt's image can be viewed Here.

There are 90 shirts available, half in XL and half in XXL. Yes, TIMsters are traditionally VERY BIG PEOPLE and we're accounting for that with this run.

The shirts are selling for $25 apiece, and if you ORDER NOW, Sketch will throw in whatever crap is lying around his house! And if you BULK UP, you can order 3 or more shirts for just $20, a pretty hefty savings!

Either accost Sketch in his home or workplace, or send $25 + $2.90 shipping and handling to:

 TinyTIM T-Shirts
 187 Middlesex Avenue, Suite #1
 Medford, MA 02155
Remember, these are FULL COLOR, 100 PERCENT COTTON SHIRTS, and we expect them to sell like hotcakes. Mmm, hotcakes. TINYTIM - BECAUSE OTHERWISE YOU'D BE TOPLESS. AGAIN.

Create a Beautiful TinyTIM Background for Your PC!

TIMsters with PCs or more accurately Windows can EASILY add in a hot new TinyTIM Background for their PCs by Clicking on this link, letting the picture load, then right clicking in Netscape on "Set as Wallpaper"! What a beautiful retro wallpaper for your PC!

Put Our Banners Everywhere

Feel free to use our banners to link to TinyTIM from everywhere!