AtlantTIM 2001: Atlanta, GA
Plenty of Wizards, Plenty of Booberry.

P3230104.JPG P3230108.JPG P3230112.JPG P3230113.JPG P3230114.JPG P3230115.JPG P3230116.JPG P3230117.JPG P3230118.JPG P3230119.JPG P3230121.JPG P3230123.JPG P3230124.JPG P3230125.JPG P3230127.JPG Empedocles, Wires. KhaOS pretends to sleep. Pretends really, really well. Helpful sign to let TIMsters know they've arrived. Jost at Mexican Restaurant. Jost, thoughtful. Your reward for looking straight up. I'll take two. Hell, a dozen. Flea smiles because he knows here's going to be here for 3 seconds. Coal says Sketch is #1 in her book. Sketch and Coal, Mexican Restaurant. Get the stick! We're infested! wizards.jpg
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