You love them, you hate them, you borrow money from them, but most of all you want to see lots of really out-of-focus or dated pictures of them. They're TIMSTERS! And do we have photos for you!

Below, we have a whole range of interesting photos of TIMsters. While we've done our best to weed out really crappy or unlabelled photos, no guarantees, OK? Also, finding out how people look isn't always the most pleasant of experiences, as you will soon find out. Then again, you may just find out that just like you suspected, A'jax is a dreamboat.

So, let's get to it. If a TIMster has quit or otherwise been made to quit TIM, and I know of it, I've marked them as INACTIVE so you don't waste any time trying to look them up.

FilenameSizeDescription of the Image
ATLANTA DIRECTORY Pictures of the 1999 Atlanta TIM Party.
NEWYEARS.97 DIRECTORY Sketch's cousin, Marcie (she's not on TIM, don't worry about hitting on her) attended the 1997 New Year's festivities in Rehoboth Beach, Deleware. She's a professional photographer, and between jogs along the boardwalk and avoiding everyone's clutches, she took some pretty spiff photos of a few selected joyous scenes.
adhama.chinadoll.jpg tim Adhama, an Australian TIMster, lays one on ChinaDoll, who may or may not be a TIMster but man, does she look smoochable. Notice how happy she is to be kissing someone whose head is 14 times as big as her own.
aerin.bovine.jpeg tim A leftover shot from the promotional photo shoots, Aerin discovered a baby cow in a small special corrall apart from the adult cows. (Guess they didn't want the little girl trampled or something.) The cow would gleefully suck on any offered finger, figuring it was milk time, and Aerin made just the cutest little face as she tried to will her fingers to produce milk.
aislin.gif tim Aislin (who is different than Aislinn), an English TIMsterette, shows off her pretty smile on a black and white scan that was done on a pretty dirty scanner. Note basic black clothing.
aislinn.gif tim Aislinn, in an amazingly professional photograph, attempts to render your fashion sense numb with her magic hat. Her deathlike grip on it shows that at any moment it was ready to spring off her head and kill you with flowers.
ajax.gif tim A'jax (he's the one on the right) shows you he owns a camera but no color scanner.
akasha.jpg tim Akasha practices for her Driver's License Photo.
akasha.nc4.jpg tim Akasha guards Woody's sacred staircase at NC4.
alisha.jpg tim Alisha (in stunning tye-dye) and other Pittburgh-area TIMsters crowd around a computer trying to see if TIM has locked any of them out again. She's absolutely overjoyed that someone has captured this on film.
alisha.kappa.dr.weird.jpg tim Pittburgh-area TIMsters pose for the camera, with Dr. Weird looking a little worried that all those tchotchkes around the room are going to suddenly rise in insurrection and kill them.
alisha2.jpg tim "OK, so you say the Quickcam is working again? Let me just tes...OW!!! MY EYES! AIGH! MY EYES!" (Note how the guy in the background can't believe these computer things can take pictures of you.)
alisha3.jpg tim Alisha still can't get over it. You click the button, your image freezes, and the image looks JUST LIKE YOU!
aminah.jpg tim Aminah gets ready for her big night out; she's dressed to impress and we're gonna BOOGIE, girl!
arielle.jpg tim Arielle looks like a first-year medical student, who wants to help the world one patient at a time.
arwen.darkle.knight.gif tim I leave the count of barnyard animals up to you.
arwen.jpg tim She said if I insulted her photo the photo would go away, and I couldn't face the tragedy.
ataru.jpg tim Ataru as collage; a man with many faces, or perhaps no particular attention to which photos he's using to represent himself. Helpfully, he insults his own work by calling it "lame" in a statement across his chest.
ataru2.jpg tim Having forsaken the middle-of-the-road looks of his previous photo, Ataru looks up to his left to see if anyone notices he looks like a bassist in a somewhat-hungry-but-up-and-coming rock band.
ataru3.jpg tim Ataru jumps forward and gains the looks of the aforementioned Rock bassist as he tries to establish himself in later years as a critical artiste'. Note the soft, dreamy eyes; I know I did.
axeth.jpg tim This is the last known photo of Axeth before he was captured.
aza2.jpg tim There is NO WAY you're going to use this classroom before it is cleared, in writing, and azatoth approves. He's in no mood for your garbage today.
azathoth.jpg tim Azatoth is feeling a little better now, because he only has to guard the big ugly orange door on this shift, and no-one actually uses the big ugly orange door.
banana.jpg tim Banana is so glad you've finally discovered his terrible secret; that he uses Windows 95. Now he can be that much more open with you.
becka.gif tim Becka smiles gracefully in her flapper dress even as her photographer uses a dwarf star as a flash. Perseverance, thy name is Becka!
bent_dunce.gif tim That's no Dunce Cap! He's being ABDUCTED! GRAB HIS FEET!
bjack.gif tim Several things to note about B'jack (nee Blackjack) in this photo.
  • He IS holding a plastic fish.
  • He always looks like this. Every single photo of him ever looks like this and so you've seen this photo so you're all set.
  • Over his shoulder is an actual, mounted jackalope.
blackdeath.cow.jpg tim Well, THAT one was easy, but you Don't Want to Know how he later got the basket, too.
blackdeath.jpg tim You know, if we just had photos of every TIMster in the style of this one, we could close the silly "chat" portion of our service and just charge for FTP access. Clean as a whistle!
blackdeath.moon.jpg tim One is dressed for the Easter Parade, the other for the Crucifixion.
blackdougal.jpg tim Egads! Black_Dougal, ever the efficient ex-wizard of TinyTIM, crushes his OWN head!
blindpew.jpg tim Prithee, fortsooth! Feast thine eyes on mine matching living room set!
blob.1.jpg tim Blob.the.Green jams away at those ivories at someone's birthday party. (I'm assuming this is a birthday party; either that, or someone's mom has no taste in tablecloths, sorry, Mom.) In darkness behind him, TIMsters conspire.
blob.2.jpg tim Blob.the.Green looks up from his Playstation game (note the controller in his hands) and realizes that maybe, just maybe, he should have cleaned up a little.
blob.3.jpg tim Blob.the.Green looks about as happy to have his photograph taken as a hamster gets off on being thrown out a window. Check out the world's highest-placed lightswitches, ever.
blob.dr.weird.jpg tim These are the guys who just finished fixing your car.
boots.jpg tim Boots poses for the camera and shows where he got his name. (Surprisingly, he is not named for what a wizard does when they see him.)
brefin.bearded.gif tim At a convention, Brefin happily shows off his tye-dyed TinyTIM Last Brunch T-shirt. Note the beard, which was the main motivating factor in calling this "Brefin.Bearded.Gif".
brefin.unbearded.gif tim A much earlier photo than Brefin.Bearded.Gif, but showing that happy-go-lucky smile and demeanor that makes Brefin a joy to play TIM with, even after all these years.
buffaerin.jpg tim And after her little fling, she went RIGHT back to Chuckles.
bulge.jpg tim MyNameIsBulgeAndIWouldLikeToGoNow
bytorok.jpg tim What, this isn't YOUR disk drive icon too?
chandler.jpg tim I call this dance "Canteliver Bridge".
chicalai.2.jpg tim I'm thinking "Rollergirl".
chicalai.jpg tim Babe-in-training Chicalai and her friend model their swimsuits unaware that the deadly Harlequin Car is fast approaching behind them. Run, pretty ladies!Your sunglasses will not protect you!
claudia.gif tim Claudia strikes an artistic pose as she tries not to admit she likes you a lot. See that playful tuft of hair over her eyes? Yeah, she likes you.
coal.sketch.jpg tim Hook up jumper cables, and their love will start a car.
cool_moe.bmp tim Why choose a .BMP format, which causes my Netscape to try and download the file? Beats me. This probably looks just like cool_moe, I'll bet.
countertopcarnage1.jpg tim The only thing better than a huge JPEG of Woody's counter during a TIM party...
countertopcarnage2.jpg tim TWO pictures of Woody's counter during a TIM party. Mmm, poptarts.
dEw.jpg tim dEw has put up several pictures of herself over time; this one proudly proclaims her Arizona Iced Tea in a field of cars. Go, dEw. We miss you. Hope that bellybutton piercing didn't leak out all your fun.
dadaleous.jpg tim INACTIVE TIMSTER. Ha ha! I am clown! I come entertain you! Ha ha! It is your turn to do the laugh.
dadaleous.kazulanth.jpg tim INACTIVE TIMSTERS. "Well, Red, if it's a-gonna be a matter of going through you to get to the cake, I guess that's how it's gonna be."
dadaleous.tata.gif tim INACTIVE TIMSTER. Who the heck is "tata"? And what are those sharp pointy things?
darkle.gif tim I am a very big, thoughtful, pleasant man. And I'd like to tell you a little about what makes me what I am.
daron.and.magenta.jpg tim Yeah, we hooked up at Flag Day. Heh heh heh.
daron.jpg tim Kick out the JAMS, Brothers and Sisters!
daron.spring.97.jpg tim "Oh, kick out the JAMS? I thought you said JAM."
daron.under.control.jpg tim Daron, TinyTIM's Canadian Ambassador of Love, lets you know that even if your world's in a tizzy and your head is feeling dizzy, he's got it all... under... control. Yeah.
daron.xmas.97.jpg tim Daron looks a little glum, as he realizes he has filled hard drives all over the country with an unbelievable 285k JPEG, a rare and bloated species indeed. Surprisingly, he stopped short of making the books behind himreadable.
delete_this_spleen.gif tim Oh, no, not again.
diving_board_of_love.jpg tim Woody's diving board in North Carolina has earned the nickname "The Diving Board of Looooove" because so many people who are seeing each other (or who want to) spend time out talking on it. Caught in a special moment for this photo are Magenta, Aerin, Chuckles, and D'arcy. D'arcy is offically the Least Amused.
diving_board_of_love2.jpg tim And in this later incarnation of the Diving Board of Looooove, we see Nessa, Kieron, Chuckles, and Magenta. Magenta is wearing a stupid hat, because as much as you would like to think so, the Diving Board of Looooove has no dress code.
dominion.2.gif tim I am gonna SCORE TONIGHT....
dominion.gif tim Dominion looks pretty darned normal here. What a nice change of pace.
dr.weird.2.jpg tim "Sorry, gotta go, Mom's honking the horn!"
dr.weird.jpg tim "Hi, kids! Me and my assistant Igor will show you the many fine sights and sounds of the castle! Remember, don't step too far off the path, and USE YOUR FLASHLIGHTS!"
dracwolf.gif tim Hunk.
edogysmirk.jpg tim Edogy and the lads go out for a day on the towne. They stop off at a couple pubs and get into a fight with those Shaughnessy boys. Can't we all just learn to get along? Come, we'll race to the rugby field.
elpacoloco.bmp tim Another .BMP. I will complain and complain. 323k? What's WITH this kid? Well, either way, at least it looks like him.
enjoy1.gif tim Happy, Happy, I'm so Happy!
enjoy2.gif tim Thoughtful, Thoughtful, I'm so Thoughtful!
enjoy3.gif tim Posing, Posing, I'm so Posing!
fade.jpg tim Why does every photo ever taken of a gothic person have to be out of focus? Is it the light? Is it how you always forget to adjust the shutter to handle all that dark makeup? By the way, Fade never looks like this at the TIM parties.
fizban.jpg tim I get Quickcam working! I am happy man!
foot.naked.jpg tim Man, I get such a kick out of foot. HA! I MAKE JOKE! FOOT! KICK!
frajoke.jpg tim Ain't got nothing like THAT back in Australia, do ya, Kangaroo-boy? Best part is, that black thing on top of the dome is a DEATH LASER!
freak.gif tim A-hilt!
frodo.jpg tim Frodo smiles before heading down to the Black Beret for some poetry and finger snapping.
garage.jpg tim Well, I don't think her user name is garage, but WOO! She can call herself any room of the house for ME!
ged.gif tim I chose just the right 16 colors to make up my class photo.
gentazigtazfarthing.gif tim Starting with the redhead and going clockwise, it's Taz, Ziggy, Magenta, and Farthing. Farthing is Taz's brother, Ziggy is Taz's boyfriend, and Magenta is Taz's friend. All things are Taz. Taz is all things.
gimmiesomesnuh.gif tim Sketch takes a photo by The_Huntress and turns it into some sort of fashion ad for Popsnuh. This was during the initial height of the SNUH craze on TinyTIM.
greywolf.gif tim Woof.
greywolf.jpg tim Same as greywolf.gif, but much more compressed. The wonder of JPEG.
groundhog.jpg tim If you don't have a computer handy and you want to view this photograph again, simply tie a bag over your head and jump up and down for 5 minutes.
groundynhunty.jpg tim Jeff Lynne makes a rare appearance at a TIM party, wooing The_Huntress,who smiles while humming the soundtrack to Xanadu in her head.
guybrush.jpg tim Someone give this guy something to EAT!
guybrush2.gif tim Guybrush, an Australian TIMster, poses near a Christmas tree in a fashionable restaurant. He's ready to tell you what you want to hear.
homerthebrave.gif tim No, no! That's homertheHUNGRY! (Note pop-culture mass-produced t-shirt proclaiming superiority of individuality and uniqueness.)
imagine.2.jpg tim You! Down there! Catch THIS smile!
imagine.3.jpg tim If I make some sort of Geisha Girl reference here, she'll never talk to me again. And let me say, I like hearing her talk. tim You're MUCH more likely to make the touchdown if the one on the left tries to tackle you. Just a hint.
imagine.jpg tim Yeah, just imagine.... OK, I'm back. tim Wow, it was SUCH a party even the CAMERA got drunk. Notice the "festive" mood of the stooge on the right.
imagine.prom.jpg tim Replace "IF" with "AS LONG AS IT'S" and you have a deal.
imagine1.jpg tim Off day. Let's go back to imagine.jpg.
imagionright.jpg tim (Put Before and After Joke Here)
imagionright2.jpg tim Oh yeah, losing the nose definitely helped.
jadeandjima.gif tim At the second TinyTIM Flag Day party, Jade (in mouse ears) and jima (in mouse ears) stand together, having met for the very first time at this event. Previously (and in all years since), they have run for president on the TinyTIM ticket. Note Jade's stylish wearing of the second TinyTIM TIMshirt, and jima wearing the prototype TIM buttons (made by Empedocles).
jazzman.gif tim He said he was tired, and they said "we already booked the studio", and he said "man, I'm really, SO tired" and they said "it's non-refundable."
jenifer.jpg tim Winner, Most Bland Black and White Portrait, 1998.
jetanna.jpg tim BOOOOOMPH! Oh, sorry, Jet. I should have told you where the camera was.
jetanna2.jpg tim Ok, I'm starting to see a theme here.
jetanna3.jpg tim Yep, the theme is established. It would appear we have ourselves a nice full set of blurry photos of jetanna.
jetanna4.jpg tim And here we round out the set completely. Yep, TinyTIM is your world headquarters for blurry photos of Jetanna. Even can't hold a candle to us for the sheer vast number of hard-to-see, choppy images of jetanna's pretty face. Come try us today. We're number one!
julien.2.jpg tim LOTS of pancakes!
julien.gif tim Mmm, pancakes.
kaakinski.jpg tim The caption says it all, don't you think?
kahlua.gif tim Kahlua stands out in the morning sun and looks entirely non-plussed that you brought your camera with you. Ignoring his croaked pleas, you snap his photo anyway. The guilt comes later.
kamio.gif tim No, really. YOU write the punchline. I dated her.
kamio2.gif tim Kamio gives you the kind of look that haunts you for decades. She can do that.
kazulanth.2.jpg tim INACTIVE TIMSTER. It is my turn to wear the ugly hat. Ha ha! Why are not you laughing, too? It is funny hat! ha ha!
kazulanth.jpg tim INACTIVE TIMSTER. Stare into the loving eyes of a young lady who mounted a campaign to have Sketch dewizzed. Surprisingly, she doesn't use TIM anymore and Sketch is still a wizard.
kazulanth.waldo.dadaleous.jpg tim INACTIVE TIMSTERS. "I am going to choke this cat now."
khaos.jpg tim KhaOS is a pretty sexy MF, I hope you know. I know I do.
khaosgrave.jpg tim Wow! KhaOS and the grave of William Blake! If Blake could only have lived to see this, he would have immediately shouted "Hey! Why do I have a gravestone!?".
khaoswho.jpg tim KhaOS plays it extraordinarly cool, considering he just found out the hard way he can't change into his Superman outfit in this thing.
khayeth.jpg tim Winky Winky! Hey, you're kind of cute! Want to see how I earned my Black Belt? Keep looking at me like that.
kirby.jpg tim You know, I could start on the hair, but just let me say instead that that's a whole mess of wood there. Wood, wood, wood. I mean, that is what they mean when they say "wood-themed".
knight.darkle.pleiades.jpg tim This is the finest bathroom we've EVER taken a picture in! How did you guys EVER find it? (I'm trying to avoid mentioning that Darkle could, if he wasn't paying attention, crush the other two gentlemen into fine pink powder.)
lenora.gif tim Lenora is just what you're looking for!
lenora97.jpg tim Using her Quickcam, Lenora smiles happily as she realizes she's got more soda in the fridge.
linotte.3.jpg tim Babe City, Population: 1
linotte.jpg tim Mystery solved! This is Linotte, who I didn't know was the face in the picture up there that I didn't know the name of. Well, Linotte, here's the key to Babe City, because you have arrived!
linotte2.jpg tim This is the arty, blurred version of Linotte's photo. For her live album.
luthiel.cannon.jpg tim Luthiel attempts, poorly, to hide the cannon he stole. Good disguise.
lyrik-bench.jpg tim 2:05pm: Signs your 2:00pm summer birthday party is going to suck.
lyrik-celestial.jpg tim J CREW Catalog From Hell, Page 17.
lyrik-cows.jpg tim That's not me. You'd know it was me if the Cow was RIGHT in the camera and over his shoulder, you saw a speck flying away as if kicked high into the air, with the word "Lyrik?" pointed at it.
lysander.2.gif tim Maybe it's just me, but Lysander seems like he harbors, secretly, some sort of terrible power, a power so strong and so extensive that there is no way to harness or control it. All those who find out about this horrible power are mere pawns in its game, until he grows bored of them and they simply ... vanish. Or maybe he's just tired.
lysander.gif tim OK, he looks less like he harbors, secretly, some sort of terrible power, a power so strong and so extensive that there is no way to harness or control it. Must be the dog.
mackie.jpg tim What a very huge bad photo of mackie at a drum set.
macro.jpg tim Macro looks a lot better with the facial hair. But the big white rectangle has to go.
magen.far.taz.zig.gif tim Hey! We already saw this one!
mandi.jpg tim I'm sure she's a nice lady, but I'M GOING TO HAVE NIGHTMARES BECAUSE OF THIS PHOTO. What sort of satanic background is that? Did someone think that The Ring Cycle was a good cue for a portrait?
marshal.gif tim I dunno. To me, it says, "Assassin".
martin_w.jpg tim The kitten will get over it, one day, I'm sure.
math-in-stpete-fl.jpg tim Math has a look of such pride on his face that for a second, JUST for a moment, you could almost swear he personally built everything behind him. tim OK, I admit it. He's right.
math1986.jpg tim Here we see Math in all his wonder and glory during his formative high school years. He went to high school with Sketch, so maybe we should just refer to them as his "malformative" years. Either way.... nice tie.
mathias_and_pet.jpg tim Mathias got a really, really huge cat for Christmas. He was hoping and hoping but he couldn't, not really, assume he was going to get his wish. But he did.
maxx.2.gif tim I can't wait until camp starts.
maxx.2.jpg tim Hey, I'll bet he's using TIM. That explains the smile.
maxx.gif tim Based on the other Maxx photos, I have to assume this is from a much younger, happier time.
mcannick_nc4_ticket.jpg tim The directions say "Go North and listen for a party." We never saw him again.
meg-and-mongo.jpg tim Wizard material.
melody.jpg tim Heading to the Whale Watch, I see.
merdryn.jpg tim Hey, sit down. We have a lot to discuss, and I have some of the finest java ever to spring from the bean. Evening's young, and hey, I think you got a lot more to say than just "I'm the prettiest angel to grace this cafe'". Com'on. I'm gentle.
metalball.bmp tim It's NOT just a metal.ball...
metalball2.bmp tim It's a really, really ROUND metal.ball!
michael.gif tim Sensual.
midnight_doing_a_moon.jpg tim Yes, that's right, some sequence of events occured somewhere which ended in the close-up photography of some woman's spandex-clad ass. Unfortunately, this can NOT be reproduced in the lab.
midnight_in_white.jpg tim Well, thank God for butter.
mikale.stare.jpg tim The words that come to mind are "ANGRY PASTRY".
mikale.the-freshmaker.jpg tim After they yelled "Cut", he stuck it RIGHT in his eye.
milton.gif tim Just to break up the tension, here's the stupidest background texture you could ever hope to have.
misty.1.jpg tim And all this can be yours, if the price is right.
misty.2.jpg tim Come and hear the music of the niiiiight.
misty.gif tim From her cute and cozy room, Misty looks at her Quickcam unhappily as she realizes once again that Men, in general, suck.
mond.gif tim Yeah, it's a color photo! Black, and White!
moni.jpg tim Moni is behind curtain #3. She's hoping you trade what you have for her.
nails-portrait.jpg tim God, it's like looking at a photograph. OF THE WRONG THING. tim Lt. Nails, FIRST CLASS!
nails.eating.gif tim Nails (and the sexy Badger to the left of him) demonstrate the healthy, balanced meals available at TinyTIM's Flag Day parties.
nails.inbed.gif tim Now, if that look isn't grade A prime "come hither", heck, I don't know what is.
nara.jpg tim They labelled her so she wouldn't get lost.
natasha.jpg tim No, no.. It's the LIGHT that's making it look purple.
natasha.what.jpg tim And she didn't believe Nimdok when he told her. SURPRISE!
neko.jpg tim I'm willing to bet she doesn't look like this in real life.
nessa!dave.jpg tim God, we're just so stinking happy, you just wanna seal us up in cellophane and call us a set.
nessa!dave2.jpg tim Our lovers show their private sides in an unguarded moment.
nessa11.jpg tim Nessa looks like Brooke Shields. Exhibit A.
nessa22.jpg tim Nessa looks like Brooke Shields. Exhibit B.
nimdok.andjima.gif tim Posing up around Boston (that's the Children's/Computer Museums behind them, as well as the very famous Ice Cream Place In a Milk Bottle) are our intrepid wizards Nimdok and jima.
nitida.jpg tim Wow.
notdave1.jpg tim Don't worry. He likes this.
nsd.jpg tim NascarSD comes in many fine colors and patterns. Choose the NascarSD for the room you want him to be in; choose several NascarSDs for your home! Bring a new fashion for the season... choose NascarSD!
nsidious.jpg tim Making the International Sign for "My Nipples Are Choking"
olivia.gif tim She's happy, I'll give her that.
paco-hollywood.jpg tim Paco is CRUSHING HOLLYWOOD'S HEAD!
paco.gif tim And it's ALL MINE!
pan.jpg tim Pan does his world-famous impression of "roadkill under a glass-bottomed car". tim And here we see Patrick after he retired to his cabin to write those very hostile letters (with special, unforgettable attachments) to various members of Industry and the Arts. I heard they've doubled the reward.
patrick.old.jpg tim Heh, heh, heh. Let me tell you. You may think to yourself "Why am I signing this contract without even reading it?" And I want you to know, it's because of a special little thing called trust. Trust me, you won't regret it.
patrick.redsquare.jpg tim And the bathrooms are THIS way!
patrick.tbons.jpg tim Any closer and they'd be sharing a lung.
peri.bmp tim Oh! It's PeriJOKERawan!
pghtimsters.2.jpg tim Here's your list of targets, Agent. You have 30 days to kill them all.
popsnuh.latex.jpg tim I have even more "absolutely no comment" than the previous picture.
popsnuh.newyears94.jpg tim I have absolutely no comment.
porcelina.jpg tim So boring, she fell asleep during a picture she took.
rainydarcy.jpg tim It's amazing what you'll get pictures of if you wait outside in total darkness for an hour and suddenly take a flash picture.
redevil.atwork.1.jpg tim Three Words: CASUAL GEEK CHIC
redevil.atwork.2.jpg tim I think he likes you. tim 1st Runner Up, International Dragon-Lovin' Computer Geek Finals, Stockholm. (You should have seen FIRST PLACE!)
redevil.winter99.jpg tim Now that's ONE INDUSTRIAL-STRENGTH HAIRDRYER!
rocker98b.jpg tim Aerosmith: The Early Years
rulita1.jpg tim I feel POUTY!
rulita2.jpg tim Oh so POUTY!
rulitaparty.jpg tim Here, have a drink. Then maybe you'l be able to figure out whatever the hell they're hanging from the ceiling back there.
rulitaplastic.jpg tim Hey dude looks like your date wants you HAW HAW HAW
rutabaga.gif tim What a spunky man! And he's on fire!
ryanne1.jpg tim What a very large photograph of Ryanne.
ryanne2.jpg tim Again, Ryanne shows the high art and culture of Singapore.
ryanne3.jpg tim Ryanne doesn't want nothing to do with those condoms nohow.
schroegrad.jpg tim No more pencils, no more books.... (OK, I'm getting nice towards the bottom of this list).
sen.jpg tim BAD NEWS: Not offered lucrative government positions. GOOD NEWS: Can use whichever bathroom is free.
shakespeare.gif tim You've been warned.
skeeve.seoman.blackdeath.gif tim Drink no Evil, Preen no Evil, Sweat no Evil. tim Back when Sketch was working at Psygnosis as a Tech Support Engineer, his department was delighted to get their hands on a screen capture tool called "Snappy", which could take pictures right off a video feed. Well, we didn't have a video camera lying around, so the only thing that could suffice was the Security Camera. So, gleefully disassembling the only visual security in the place, the Tech Support Weasels started taking stupid black and white photos of ourselves. In this picture, Sketch is jumping up and down, and we were able to capture him in mid flight.
sketch.blackdeath.gif tim What inspired me to slap labels all over this stuff, I'll never know. But there you go; a good demonstration of how TinyTIM brings together the most diverse of peoples. Black Death and I are natural enemies in the wild.
sketch.newyears94.jpg tim Hi, I'm Sketch the Cow. I co-founded TinyTIM, and I'm here to tell you that the Database and technology behind TIM is as stable as I am!
skilac.jpg tim Leo Desiree Cotton Print Dress, $14.99. Makeup by Chance, Body by Indoors.
skilac.rulita.2.jpg tim All told, shouldn't the person who's BAREFOOT be feeling sharp pains in her foot? Well, that's not exactly perfect beachwear, anyway.
skilac.rulita.jpg tim Together, they fight crime! OK, fine, actually they sit around and look pretty while crime occurs nearby.
snuh.sketch.hatclub.jpg tim
snuhconfuse.jpg tim Snuh is stunned to find himself in a scaled-up model of his own brain. tim This is a collection of all sorts of Popsnuh-related imagery, including the source picture for GIMMESNUH.GIF. If you're an avid SNUH collector (and I know you are) then this is the collection for you.
snuhsket.jpg tim Yes, you asked for it, you clamored "Hey, where can we get the worst possible shot of Popsnuh and Sketch from their high school years? And we searched and we bribed and cajoled and we didn't find all that much so here it is.
sorcerie.gif tim She's happy to see you. Hey, apparently you are too.
soul.jpg tim Socialsearcher. -Marcia
spry-boy.2.gif tim He's a very spry boy. Methinks he doth take yon TinyTIM and present hither and thou with prithee OK the joke got old even for me. Nice outfit, man.
spry-boy.gif tim In an unguarded moment, Spry waits for his hair to dry.
stiletto.2.jpg tim Wow, after that last picture of stiletto made him look so geeky, I'm sure glad he put up a more accurate portrait! Uh....
stiletto.jpg tim Yeah, I'm really going to put a nasty comment on THIS picture. And next you'll have me kick a puppy.
strangeways.jpg tim It's MUSHROOM BOY and CHAPEAU MUTT! They Fight Crime!
surfrat.3.gif tim Giving new meaning to the word "egghead".
surfrat.gif tim No cure for cancer, man.
talmyr.jpg tim Dressed for... um, distinct accomplishment.
tanaria.elmo.gif tim The funny part is, they manufacture that doll with the mouth CLOSED...
tanaria.jpg tim Trying to ignore the phallic alluring Chrysler building yes I am I am
tanaria.toystore.jpg tim Tanaria poses with Five Cuddly Beasts.
tapemonkey.jpg tim A Squat, a Shot, and a Spot.
taz.2.gif tim More leg! More leg!
taz.3.gif tim More blue! More blue!
taz.4.gif tim More suburbia! More suburbia!
taz.gif tim More leg! More leg!
taz.ziggy.gif tim Ooop! Less boyfriend! Less boyfriend!
teenyfaerie.jpg tim You just want to take her home and wrap her in a blanket and then arm yourself when the cops come to get her back.
terra.jpg tim INACTIVE TIMSTER. Actually, she never WAS a TIMster. Carneggy put her picture up as a way to transfer the photo to some friends, essentially using TIM's FTP site as some sort of online Bus Locker. Well, she's a redhead, so she's going up. That's one huge honkin' corsage, by the way.
the_huntress.gif tim Later, she would not be so willing to pose this way.
theredking.1.jpg tim Oh, you mean red EYE king.
theredking.2.jpg tim (Barbershop quartet joke here)
theslass-evil.jpg tim Oh, yeah, REAL evil.. Like watching a Bison Frisse going "Grrrrrrr."
theslass-id.jpg tim Voted Most Likely to Star in Porn Flick based on Name Alone
theslass.jpg tim Ha ha ha! The Exchange Program has enabled me to make many new friends and learn your foolish language!
timsters.pittsburgh.jpg tim We are a bunch of Lunatics! Please give us homes and warmth and TV!
tinker.gif tim It was TINKER! In the JEANS! With the COOKIE!
tinytimsalute.nc1.jpg tim Slightly edited (Marcia doesn't like having her photo out there, hence all light has disappeared from her BY SHEER FORCE OF WILL), we see the entire wizardry of TinyTIM doing the semi-obscure TinyTIM Salute at NC 1. This is the only time that all the wizardry of TinyTIM have been on one actual physical place at one time. We took lots of pictures. The next question, of course, is who was minding TinyTIM??!?! But it omehow survived. Notice how happy everyone is. That's what being a wizard on TIM is all about, man: Happiness.
twister5.jpg tim You know what the scary part is? They're not actually playing Twister...
ultimate.guy.jpg tim I don't know what he was thinking.
veralynn.3.jpg tim I don't know what they're selling, but with THIS covergirl, I'll take a dozen!
veralynn1.jpg tim NO NO GET OUT OF THE CAMERA
veralynn2.jpg tim $49.95 Batteries Extra
vestemente.gif tim (giggle!)
waldo.dadaleous.jpg tim INACTIVE TIMSTERS. This guy blows.
walrus.jpg tim Thanks, man. Now I gotta get the Visine.
werewolf_bike.jpg tim This man is a BAD ASS MOTHER FUCKER.
werewolf_cernunnos.jpg tim Make that a BAD ASS SATANIC MOTHER FUCKER.
woody.gif tim Woody! Keeper of the Sacred NC Party Site, watcher of the Holy Pool, and all around the greatest dude ever, so great that we have to share him with TrippyMUSH (who maintain an @WOODY command) and, of course, he lucky folks of Durham, North Carolina. What a gentleman, what a guy. A phenomenon with a heart of gold.
xarisa.jpg tim Xarisa is spooked by the camera and attempts to headbutt your intrepid photographer!
yangie.2.jpg tim Yangie and her boy toy pose next to the most phallic thing I've seen in a long, long time.
yangie.jpg tim Don't let go, man! She might FLY AWAY or something!
ycho.atwork.jpg tim Not to be confused with ycho.athome.stickingforksinhimself.helpme.imsoalone.jpg.
zenrhino.grinning.jpg tim And what he's cooking... is you.
zenrhino.jpg tim I swear to you, this man is a professional cook.
zenrhino.rocker.jpg tim Oh, WE'RE THE BOYS OF THE CHORUS WE HOPE YOU LIKE OUR SHOW tim Time to go, man! Zen! NO! DO NOT ATTACK! STAY!
zenrhino.toast.jpg tim A TOAST! To my fitting into this suit!
zenrhino.undressing.jpg tim This won't hurt a bit. OK, maybe a little.
zenrhino.withhair.jpg tim ZenRhino with hair looks like zenrhino without hair going incognito.
ziggy.jpg tim It's summertime, and the living is easy. All I need is a wooden staircase and my precious yellow bucket. Hands off, man. The bucket is mine.