Chuckles (and Biff)

[Chuckles and Biff making a simple shoot complicated]

Chuckles is TinyTIM's newest wiz, and, well, we're being patient. His duties are mostly limited to taking credit for PrutzPrutz' work on the Lame Duck, turning toads into gladiators, and stumbling around in confusion, trying not trying not to break anything too badly.

As if this wasn't bad enough, he's generally accompanied by his obnoxious familiar, Biff the Wonder Parrot, long reputed to be the brains of the duo.

A second-rate bookie and third-rate bartender, he came across his wizbit in typically crooked fashion, finding a golden ticket in what many allege was a stolen candy bar. Several witnesses have since disappeared, forgotten the incident, or changed their stories outright, and Chuck insists to this day, through his attorneys, that there was no actionable wrongdoing.

The investigation remains open, and sources close to TIM indicate that there will be no new wizards until it is certain that this sort of accident won't be repeated.