Kidnapped by condors from his missionary parents as an infant, KhaOS was raised by a tribe of primitive Apple ][ worshippers located high in the remote reaches of the Andes Mountains. Eventually rescued by a ABC News crew who were dying from lack of a story, he was the subject of much intense public debate and scrutiny. Defeating his arch-enemy Baron Hans Von Ironfist in single combat (but at what cost?!?), he went into seclusion with Kathleen Turner and a tub of warm Jell-O. He now operates out of his headquarters hidden in the Indian Ocean, communing telepathically with eels and producing 90% of the world's output of screenplays, under several psuedonyms. The Jell-O died recently.

KhaOS is relatively new to TIM - well, he's been lurking around since October 1994, but that's just half of how old we are. Several things make him completely unique on TIM: He was the first Singaporean who managed to stumble onto the place, and so far as managed to drag along quite a few others with him (Only one other has stayed around to be part of our regular happy crew, though). Also, as far as we know, he's the only lawyer. The irony of a Deputy Public Prosecutor bearing a name like KhaOS we'll leave you to mull over. You know. Irony. Kinda like bronzy, or coppery. Yeah, that's the ticket.

His recent elevation to wizhood along with Jost was a pleasant surprise, as he'd been of the opinion for some time that what TIM needed was a wiz presence in the wee hours of the morning (which, as a member of an entirely different hemisphere, he is on). Not much on code, he still hangs out constantly in the Nexus as he always does, only this time with the power to kick ass, which doesn't hurt. If you need a friendly ear to talk to with a personality that switches from seriousness to surreality at what seems to be random flicks of a switch, he's your man. Oh yeah. He loves comic books. Obsessively. Don't get him started, or he won't stop.

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