[Psychedelic drawing of Nimdok against a funky background]
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Nimdok really doesn't have a harem, but we let him think he does out of respect for his advanced age. He really does have a beard, however,and a vest. A refugee from the '60s, Nimdok finds TIM to be the closest thing to the Age of Aquarius to be found in the '90s. A fan of the road trip, he has often been known to go very long distances just to meet TIMsters.

Nimdok is always available for advice, help, general brouhaha but not for sex. He thinks he's your uncle and can be guaranteed to have an opinion about anything and everything, including your sister.

Nimdok is the proud keeper of the endless travelling collection of TIM pictures (including that picture of Marcia.) He can often be found at TIM events aiming his camera at everything that moves and some things that don't. He strives to obtain that picture of you.