[Actually, there's no picture here yet]
Most Holy TIM was unable to show up for His portrait, but we have it on very good authority that He once sat on this chair.

TIM the enchanter, keeper of the sacred pointy hat, wearer of the ram's horns, is the God of TIM, meaning that it is only through His benevolence that new Wizards are chosen from the frothy pool of mortals that use TinyTIM. It is also by his hand that old wizards are, uh, "Taken for a drive in the country." But let's not dwell on this.

There is little that TIM does not know, or see, for He is all-knowing and all-seeing, and it comes with the territory. TIM pays His taxes on time, He always shovels the walk, and He takes out the garbage in His most holy manner. TIM is that warm, sturdy hand in the darkness and rain. TIM is the warm and inviting porch on a summer's evening. TIM says "Quality!"

To see TIM is to be openly blessed and absolved of a head cold of sin. He gives away pennies freely, tips really well, and has a lollipop for you at the end of your check-up.

TIM is the god of all MUSH. Long may he connect.