Places that have Stolen the TIM hat

The World Wide Web is many things; it's a great opportunity for learning, a helpful research tool, a social linkup of global proportions, but best of all, it's an opportunity for artistic theft of a size and scale unheard of in the history of Man.

Sometime in the genesis of TIM's home page, Sketch drew a logo for TinyTIM, a wizard's hat and the word TINYTIM in big letters. The hat was a typical but distinctive conical affair, purple with yellow stars. Hats like this show up everywhere, most noticably Disney's Fantasia, but Sketch put his pen to paper and drew it himself, without any help, copying or other aspect of deriviation.

At some point in the last few years, someone found this hat, and, looking at their own sad claw-like appendages, said "I will TAKE this hat! This is just what I need to portray what I have to say!" They gleefully did a "Save File As" to our logo, stripped off that nasty "TinyTIM" portion of the image, and put it up as their own. Thanks, butterbrain!

Others, also inspired and hysterically happy about the hat, took the image from that person's site, and put it up on their own. A cascading domino chain of uncreative cabbages, each giggling wildly as they clutched the hat to their chests and trotted into the darkness.

Well, just let it be known that TinyTIM is the creator and property of that hat, and if people are going to rip it off and claim it's public domain, there's an actual place it was meant to go with. The version most people have isn't even an entirely good one; we're probably going to put up a really nice version of the hat for people to steal.

This page goes out to every whiny person across the world who responded to our inquisitve missives with the meek, mewing cry "But I thought it was public domain!!!"

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By the way...

We're not singling out these people specifically; there are literately dozens more folks who have gone this non-creative way to enhance their web pages. But TinyTIM's influence is everywhere, and we thought we would share. We're not bitter. Hey, got a quarter?

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