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Our First Wizbits

Come and meet Jost and KhaOS, two 20-something "TIMsters" who have been hanging around TinyTIM for some time, and are looking forward to actually having steady careers at some point in the future. They are as close to being "typical TIMsters" as you can get. Active down at the local comic book stores, arcades, blood clinics, and respectable porn dealerships. Well liked by the Clock, Directory Machine, and other players on TinyTIM - but as far as wizbits go, they are both "W"-less. Their lives are going to change in a unique and dramatic way. They are going to leave the relative safety of simple "P" flags, accept the challenges of Wizardy and take that pants-messing .. but wonderful, step into Wizardhood. There's one big difference ... they are going to let the world come along and speculate over who they are over a three week period as this adventure unfolds, when they gain their Wizbits together...

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